How To Believe For Your Healing

I’m guessing that a few of you are presently battling serious, chronic, or even terminal disease, believing God for a healing miracle. I’m also guessing that more than a few of you have been in this fight for some time now. You’ve prayed. You’ve believed. You’ve made declarations. You’ve sought out the prayers of anointed others. You’ve done everything you know to claim your healing miracle from God. And the test results still come back positive – the sickness still alive and kicking. (Maybe even spreading, thriving, getting more aggressive.)

I know how it feels. After one full year of hormone therapy designed to beat back the onslaught of cancer in my body, and another full year of watching the effects of this treatment slowly subside, the results are finally in. Two weeks ago, the doctor announced that the cancer is growing strong again.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit deflated by the news. Because I honestly thought I’d been healed during this season of treatment. Not by the drugs, (there’s no medical cure for what I have) but by God’s hand. I tried to do all the right things, putting myself in position for His healing work to be released. I traveled to Bethel Church in Redding (twice) and experienced glorious, anointed times of prayer in their Healing Rooms, the presence of God so thick I could barely stand. I heard, received, and claimed so many wonderful prophetic words that promised complete healing.

And then the test results came back. Results that seemed to rise up and mock my faith.

If you’ve ever experienced something like this, a setback in the battle for divine healing, I want to encourage you with the same encouragement I’m giving myself these days. This is not only a battle for your life, it’s also a battle for your faith. Don’t allow disappointment or discouragement from these setbacks to dampen the faith you have for your healing. Because if that happens, you’ll lose the very key to your healing. In the words of our expert Healer, “It shall be done to you according to your faith.” (Matthew 9:29) The battle is for your faith because your faith is a big deal to your healing.

Here are seven beliefs that can help fan the flames of healing faith in your life:

1. Believe that God is good.

That every one of His thoughts, words, plans, and acts toward you are perfectly loving. All the time. Every time. Your healing journey should look like one long heartfelt expression of worship and praise. (And not a litany of “why” accusations or grumbling disappointment aimed at the Father’s character.) Rest in the sure knowledge that God is unbelievably good. To you.

2. Believe that God desires to heal you.

Be careful not to let past failure or experience creep in and influence your thinking about this vital truth. It’s the Father’s will for you to be healed. This is both the example and the expectation of Jesus for our lives. He never turned away anyone who sought healing, never failed to heal them, and never expected anything less from His disciples’ healing efforts. God is a good, good Father who wants you to be healed!

3. Believe that nothing is too difficult for God.

That He is far, far more powerful than any disease you have. The word “impossible” is not in His vocabulary, so it shouldn’t be in yours.

4. Believe that God’s truths are higher than medical facts.

His promises carry greater power and authority than any test result or doctor’s prognosis. So while it’s okay to acknowledge and understand the facts, you need to train yourself to rest in God’s higher truths. (Like the three listed above.)

5. Believe that any failure in healing lies on your end and not God’s.

It’s not very politically correct these days to even suggest the possibility that we might be the reason we’re not getting healed. But the tough-to-guzzle truth is, since the problem obviously doesn’t lie with our perfectly loving and powerful Father, there’s a fair chance it might lie with us. So be humble. If you’re not open to the possibility, you might miss the very obstacle that’s holding up your healing. (Jesus’ disciples weren’t insecure when it came to asking Jesus why they’d failed to heal the deaf-mute boy. They wanted to know the hold up, and Jesus wasn’t shy in pointing it out to them. For their own good. Because He loved them. Because He wanted them to walk in greater faith to do His greater works.)

6. Believe that healing faith requires action.

Rise up and do what you know God wants you to do in fighting for your healing miracle. Pray. Pray some more. Seek out the prayers of others. Make daily declarations of God’s kingdom promises and truths about healing. Eat healthier. Get enough exercise. And by all means, go see a doctor and find out if there’s anything medical science can do to help you. (Your goal is healing and life. God is glorified no matter how that comes about.) Know that faith doesn’t sit around and wait for healing to drop from the sky – it partners with almighty God for the victory. That’s always been His way.

7. Believe that God wants to give you the special key to your healing.

Even though there are many principles in the Bible about how to receive your healing, there aren’t a whole lot of formulas. Just look at Jesus. He pretty much did it different every single time. So, how did He know which method to use in each situation? How in the world, for example, did He ever come up with the idea of spitting in a blind guy’s eyes to heal him? John 5:19 tells us. He only did what He saw His Father doing. The same is true for you. Go ask God what you need to do. Go ask Him to show you the key to your healing breakthrough. Then obey. No matter what, keep hearing and obeying. That’s what it looks like to believe for your healing.

I know firsthand that this is not always an easy journey. It’s way too easy to fall into the muck of disappointment, discouragement, or despair. Don’t let that happen to you. Hebrews 6:12 says it’s by faith and patience that we inherit the promises of God. Go fan the flames of your believing until it becomes a raging bonfire. Then you’ll be in prime position to inherit the healing miracle God has promised. For His glory!


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