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As a writer, Bible teacher, pastor, and church planting missionary, I (blah, blah, blah …) That’s how the experts recommend I begin this introduction, but right now it feels more honest to put some context around it. So here goes.

As a writer, Bible teacher, pastor, and church planting missionary, everyone naturally presumed I had my spiritual act together. But for longer than I care to admit, my walk with God had been like an old Hollywood movie set – nice to look at on the outside, but pretty empty where it counts. Lacking a true, vibrant experience of the abundant life that Jesus promised.

All that changed around 2006. That’s when I began a journey that would release me – and those around me – into a life of genuine revival. That’s when I began to experience breakthrough after breakthrough into the “more” of God and His kingdom ways for my life – walking in far greater levels of His presence, power, passion, and promises. Exciting, fulfilling, abundant life.

With this bit of context in mind, I’m now ready to give my by-the-book introduction one more go …

As a writer, Bible teacher, pastor, and church planting missionary, I have a passion to help hungry believers experience a vibrant spiritual breakthrough in their lives – to get launched on the same journey that I’ve been on. Step by wonderful step into the amazing “more” that God has for them.


Some Things You Should Know About Me

  • At the end of an absolutely miserable short-term mission trip to Taiwan in 1983, I remember getting on the bus for the airport and praying, “God, I love these people, but I never want to come back here again!” Five years later, I went back. For good. (And this time, I’m loving it!)
  • Immediately after arriving in Taiwan, I met my godly, gifted, gorgeous wife-to-be, Eva Hedeager Matthiesen. Hailing from Ringsted, Denmark, Eva is two years my junior in life, but six years my senior on the mission field. Less than a month after I moved down to her Taiwan neck of the woods, Eva and I got engaged. Three and a half months later, we got hitched. (Which is Kansan for “married.”)
  • Eva and I are presently pastoring a church we helped plant among the unreached Hakka Chinese of Miaoli County. (.3% Christian) Toufen Home Church has become an on-fire fellowship that’s currently experiencing a wonderful outpouring of God’s presence and power. What a stunning journey this has been for us all.
  • Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching in churches, conferences, and ministry training schools in the United States, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, the Philippines, and, of course, Taiwan.


But Wait … There’s More

  • Though born in Texas, I was raised in Kansas and consider myself a full-blooded Kansas boy. The name of my high school even has the word “rural” in it.
  • I drool at the mention of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (sour cream style) or baby back ribs from Jack Stack BBQ in Kansas City.
  • I once played tennis with George “The A-Team” Peppard.
  • I asked Eva to marry me even though we’d never been out on a single date and I had no idea whether or not she had any feelings for me. (Sometimes “obedience to God” and “crazy” look a whole lot alike.)
  • I love sunglasses, backpacks, books, pens, and umbrellas. Not necessarily in that order. And no idea why.
  • I barely lasted one semester at a huge university (less than thirty miles from my hometown) before a severe case of homesickness chased me back to attend a more local school. Now that’s what I call missionary material!
  • Roadie is listed on my resume because I once drove a large truck for the Keith Green Memorial Concert Tour.
  • I have in-laws named Anders, Knud, Soren, Mads, Stine, and Ingrid. Double-dog dare any of you Americans to pronounce them all (correctly) without hurting yourself. Or others.
  • Some years after Eva and I got married, I found out that my surname, Dennington, means “Danish gift.” And so she is!

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And since you made it this far down the page, you deserve a glimpse of my precious grand-niece, Mia. Be blessed!

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  1. Wow…fantastic…informative, enjoyable to read..what a blessing this will be to all of us who need to grow in our walk with Jesus! I’m currently doing a Precept study on Hebrews given by Kay Arthur…I am learning so much that I had never ‘pulled out’ from Hebrews before. God’s Word is never boring!!Looking forward to what you’ll have to teach me!
    Keep up the good work my friend!

  2. Kaere Eva og Gregg
    Kann I sende mig Jeres Email, jeg vil gerne sende Jer min livshistorie.
    Kaerlig hilsen


  3. Good Afternoon Mr Dennington,
    My name is Bill Ruhr and I know your wife Eva from time I spent in Taiwan back in 1984. I am not a YWAMer, but spent a lot of time with them during my stay in country. My interest is in locating a mutual friend David and Marlene Varro. Would you be so kind as to pass this note to Eva for me?

    Kind Regards,
    Bill Ruhr